Joyful Alchemy began in 1998 as Island Tea Company in a tiny storefront on Whidbey Island.  The simple pine shelves of the cozy little shop featured glass jars of loose teas and wicker baskets filled with tea accessories.  Sprinkled throughout was a small assortment of vintage goods and charming gift items, many made by the hands of local artists and craftswomen including me.  Over the years the business grew, inventory expanded, and a website was launched to better care for the needs of our customers, many of whom lived far beyond our island’s shores.

In 2010, I closed my shop and gifted myself the next year to be home for my youngest son’s senior year of high school.  I would be free to attend every track meet, visit colleges, and simply be there.  It was a wonderful year, a gift in every way. 

Since that year, I’ve reopened and changed my business name, moved, built a house, planted new gardens, and rediscovered a passion which has long called to me.  Since childhood I have been fascinated with herbs, both common garden herbs, as well as those which grow wild in our fields and woodlands.  I’ve studied these off and on for years, and finally decided to dive in more deeply.  In 2016 I debuted a hand-crafted line of herbal tea blends, simples, hand-crafted soaps, infused oils, lip balms and skin salves.  I happily dubbed this new line Joyful Alchemy for it brought together so many things that bring me joy: tea and herbs, gardening and nature.   

Pleased with the reception of my new products, and feeling so at peace with my new direction, I have now changed my business name to Joyful Alchemy, a name which will suit me well for as many years as I choose to continue on.  I feel I have come home. 

In my online shop you will still find many of the classic teas, house blends and herbs my customers have long favored with an emphasis on organic and ethically sourced.  You will find a small assortment of basic tea wares, as well as my own hand-blended herbals and small batch products.  Many herbs and flowers incorporated into my items are harvested from my own expanding gardens or wildcrafted locally, and due to the nature of herbs and flowers, some items will only be available seasonally. 

So, welcome, welcome to Joyful Alchemy; I am honored to have you visit.

~Dori Hallberg